Product packaging is everywhere, from your local grocery store to your favorite online shops. There’s no escaping it, but thankfully packaging design is evolving every year to meet our changing needs and wants. At the forefront of those needs and wants is our reliance on e-commerce. Recreating the visual experience we are used to having in stores virtually can prove to be rather difficult at times, but we’re getting better at it. And it’s really all about the unboxing experience, anyway. Isn’t it?


Minimalist design has been around for some time now and it’s not going anywhere soon. Although it can come across as somewhat abstract and primitive, keeping it simple plays an important role in helping us access our intuitive side.

The hardest part about going minimal is finding symbols and signs that many people can relate to. Once you’ve nailed the symbolism, the message explains itself, often with few-to-no words. If you can pull it off, using less language will keep you in sync with our fast-paced society—people will barely have to slow down to grasp what your product is all about.

0101c gallery e1511336753687

Stripped down to the essentials via Soylent.

AbacusPillsBottleFront e1511336740582

A strong minimalist design via Abacus Pills.

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Clean and elementary design via Content Form Context.


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Blend Station Coffee Shop Branding Graphicdesign Architecture Identity Packaging Coporate Design by Futura Mexico City Mexico Mindsparkle Mag 8 e1511336633360

Eye catching packaging design via Blend Station.



Feminine, calming package design is moving into the spotlight in 2018, which means that pastels are seeing a resurgence. Pastels feel like a natural reaction to the hyper-stimulating and explosive colors we’ve been experiencing. They speak to our softer side.

The reduced saturation makes pastels a great choice for creating a soft, pale effect that gives products a candid and warm aura, which is translated into a pleasant and welcoming message for the potential customer. Instead of being rushed and dazzled in order to look, touch, smell or taste and eventually buy, we’re being gently eased into it. Ahhhhh. These easy shades remind us that color is light and light is energy. And the energy we materialize has an impact.

attachment 81171631 e1511339269633

Packaging design by katerina k. for BitterFit.


A well balanced playful approach via Pearly Yon.


f2bd6141951345.57ecf8ef4b88a e1511339311918

Vivid and warm packaging design via min.


facemask e1511339336831

A unique take on packaging design via Angela Pak.


Femme Hero 1 e1511339368477

A subtle and feminine design via Pearlfisher.



Everybody doodles—from 9-year-olds to 90-year-olds, so you’re set as far as target markets are concerned. Adults relate to this kind of free form drawing because it reminds us of the energetic, happy-go-lucky kids that we all were once. And let’s be honest: a good doodle can turn a frown upside down any given day. When seen on packaging, doodles can turn a product into a fun universe that was born from someone’s imagination and shared with the world. They also have a wonderful way of describing what’s inside the box. Many times we’re smiling before we even touch the product. Happy customer? Check!

misfit rebrand gander 03

Raw and explicit label design via Misfit Juicery.da92ae05 522b 4a35 9849 c5c4c4cace8d e1511342257524

Summer vibes…design by LoudFrog.


Cup Noodles 03 e1511342274600

A packaging design featuring doodles via Packaging of the world.


415f3450440987.5982000dc3c1e e1511342292908

Dynamic & cartoonish design via melvas.


07a2f055574609.598a2cfae06d4 e1511342312547

A sketchy yet classy design via John Schulz.



Keeping us entertained is the game! What better way to do that than by evoking the same atmosphere and narrative as movie posters, which can be as respected as the movie itself. Movie poster packaging also taps into well established fan bases that vary from casual sympathizers to die-hard collectors. It’s not easy to have that wide of a market reach.

Posters transport you with a narrative that becomes intimately connected to the product itself creating an unmistakable identity.

attachment 81201501 e1511343501340

A cool label design by Lucadia for Connecticut Valley Brewing Company.d1f68256067669.599ed365a7ad2 e1511343672150

Immersive poster-like labeling via Amateur (dot) rocks.


download 1 e1511343689424

Classics reimagined via BrandHolic.

TP3 FRONT 1024x833 1 e1511343714857

A great collaboration with David Lynch! Via Mikkeller.


tropical galaxy02 1 e1511343734171

Sci-fi cinema look via DKNG.



If you’re looking to send a clear and loud message about what your product is all about, then big words might be what you’re looking for.  Words are a great way to get creative with the message you’re bringing forth. Be it funny or serious a clear message will work as long as it’s in a bold and easy-to-read sans serif font. Combined with a wise choice of colors your product will surely make a splash.

GAC 0003 TEA 1024x1024 e1511346616580

Give a care, as suggested via lg2.


The Rag Bag Direkt Uniforms for the Dedicated DDB Stockholm 1280x720 e1511346636583

A straightforward message via The Rag Bag.


eboost rebrand gander 10

A witty branding approach via Eboost.MOTHER webshot 180 e1511346871290

Bold & funny branding via Forth and Back

MOTHER webshot 146 1 e1511346886947
download 2
First world problems are not problems via SUE Amsterdam.


For the ones that aren’t about words or pastel colors, but all about innovative shapes and materials—you’re in luck! This approach falls under the “extreme packaging” category, but in a good way.

Turning your juice can into a bamboo segment or your resin package into a sheltering tree stump, literally means that the only thing left to do is place your logo on the package. No other words required. This method showcases the thoughtfulness and ingenuity your product brings to the market—always something to aim for when building a brand identity.

Bamboo juice 6 e1511422022546

Nature inspired packaging via Marcel Sheishenov.Peckish Bird Seed 1 e1511434373354

A captivating student project via Shohaib Iqbal.


Pchak 03 e1511434389643

Crafty and skillful packaging design via Backbone Branding.


download 3 e1511434409840

A resourceful concept via Depot WPF.


dff3f552194497.590880a1da53c e1511434423677

An ingenious blend of old and new via Team Wunderbar!.



You can’t go forward without knowing your past. The past is ingrained in our current collective reality, which is why vintage design thrives on us remembering. Throwback design give us a little something that was left behind: an essential part of our culture or memories.

Vintage design is also an effective way of demonstrating dedication to a certain level of quality, perhaps unaltered since the inception of the product, decades or centuries back. Vintage tells a story of tradition, respect and passion, elements that remain alive—from a design standpoint—through organized structure, dense details and strong, lasting identity.

attachment 86842160 e1511435122106

Old fashioned aesthetics by Mila Katagarova for Barncrofts of London.


Pavement Henrys4 e1511435168746

Classic packaging design via Pavement.


Mayfield Gin Angled bottle on black e1511435094712

Traditional-inspired label design via Stranger and Stranger.


Strap Tank Brewry Core Line Up 317cb5a46d1c4bea7e4267f15809fe5d e1511435263277

Badge inspired labeling via Helms Workshop.


packaging trendReimagining vintage design via Constantin Bolimond.



Photography has always been strongly linked to design. The complex visual message that a photo conveys has the power to make you pause. It also gives the designer the freedom to dream up a crazy collage, like making a bear the chef (see below).


Via Mariane Silva.

A photo can also bring a lot of order into the composition of a package (it’s easy to see why photography is pretty much always on trend).

This purple cereal box is good example of the balance obtained through the use of photography and negative space.

GG 3 Purple

Via Robot Food.ad588749997213.58c44aa1d3891 e1511437808761

A creative spin using photography via Chiapa Design.


attachment 89211860 e1511437823585

A dynamic and realistic effect via Subplot Design Inc.



download e1511437853820
FW IslandTime 16oz e1511437873931

Using blown-up photos as labels via Fieldwork Brewing.


Thirst Craft Commonwealth Brewing Co 08 Wapatoolie Hero 2560x1707 e1511437887969

Great use of macro photography via Thirst.



Holographic foil stamping can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Depth, three dimensionality and an array a varying colors add elegance and value to any package. Holographs can give plastic or paper a non-tarnishing metallic effect that brings brightness and flair to any composition.


In your face! via Parámetro Studio.e0f82122350365.563117d03ce14 e1511438419131

Visual effects via Ken Lo.


download 5 e1511438438288

Rainbows via Hired Guns Creative.


bd60d754852811.596cbfe456ce3 e1511438453891

29th Summer Universiade Taipei 2017 Commemorative Token via Midnight Design.


3 bottles front rev 4 small e1511438465576

Foil stamping compliments a colorful composition via Lyon and Lyon.



Since the rise of flat design, gradients have been dormant, waiting for the “right time” to make their return. Now, the use of gradients seems to be making a comeback. We are seeing more and more colorful gradients, adding depth and form to package design.

download 4 1

Textured gradients via POP & 1 2 e1511439813534

Eye pleasing packaging design via Fabula Branding.

download 3 2 e1511439825368
download 5 2 e1511439836791

Multicolored package design via Michael Thorsby.


marcel batlle design packaging ilustration wine art miami gradient alcohol spirit 1 e1511439849800

Enchanting gradient sunset via Vlad Likh.


download 7 e1511439866921

Deliciously colorful branding via Siegenthaler &Co.

download 2 2 e1511439879541

Packaging trends are born out of a clash between the new and the old, between the organized and the freestyle. As long as these two facets of the ecosystem keep finding a way to coexist while pushing boundaries, progress and innovation will continue to thrive and prosper. Who knew packaging could be so exciting?